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Come dive into the musical ocean and swim with the wondrous creatures beneath the waves.  Get back to nature on this playful musical voyage with the Sidere Duo – piano and flute. 

“Sidere”, from the Latin “de sidere”, meaning “from the stars”, captures this creative duo’s ongoing fascination with music, and its ability to transport us along endless cycles of wonder and play. Their practice draws inspiration from a fusion of cross-cultural influences, romanticism, and a love of the natural world.

Chloe Chung is a multi-style flautist (Western flutes/dizi), collaborating with others to foster unexpected musical forms and connections on Gadigal land, Sydney, and beyond. She is the Artistic Director of Dreambox Collective, a diverse Sydney based group of performer-composers, improvisors and visual artists producing works and facilitating performances to create meaningful connections for positive social impact.

Pavle Cajic is a composer and pianist currently living and creating on Gadigal land (Sydney). His reasons for composing are varied – often, as an outlet for feelings or responses to art or the people and world around us that are too special to be forgotten – other times, for the purpose of bringing people together in ensemble works to experience the joy of being!

Pavle graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a degree in piano performance in 2016. He has learnt from Australian composers, conductors and pianists including Tristan Coelho, Trevor Pearce, Brad Gill, the late Richard Gill, as well as from his inspiring peers and collaborators. He has performed his own and other’s music on piano or as conductor in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and Norway. He has been particularly supported in the creation and performance of works involving solo violin by Norwegian violinist Ole Bohn.

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